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6 December 2020, Sunday

History of management

About the leaders who managed the Mangistau regional department of education

1. Kaukin Sadyk Nysanbaiuly served as the head of department in 1973-1980.

2. Mendibaev Tanash Mendibaiuly served as the  head of department in 1980-1990 and 1961-1967

Tanash Mendibaiuly was born in the village of Taushik in the Mangistau district of the Guryev region in 1938. After graduating from the Pedagogical Institute he began to work for a teacher in high school in his native village.Then he was the head of the school,the  head of the  regional department of education, the  head of the propaganda department of the regional  party the higher educational  institutions  of the republic and  he  effectively  solved questions  about  the provision of local  staff and actively participated in public works. Under  the direction  of Tanash  Mendibaiuly  was  opened folk theatre in Mangistau  district and was launched  the first inter-school  educational  and industrial complex. Taking into account  merits  in the field of education in 1975 he was  awarded  the title of the  best in the educational work of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.

During  the  reign of  the regional educational  section  of the Mangistau region he was the winner  of  the  national  socialist competition. In  the educational  organization  of  educational  work in the republican socialist competition he became a three – times winner.  Mangistau region is one of the first areas that realized the transition to learning at the age of 6 in the implementation  of  the method “school – kinder garden ”. As a result of this hard labor in 1988 was awarded the title of the educational leader of the USSR.

With the direct intervention of Tanash  Mendibaiuly  there were opened  Aktau Pedagogical college in 1985 and Polytechnic  institute in 1986.

Tanash  Mendibaiuly was  a deputy  of  the  council of the  Mangistau  region in 1980-1988, he also was awarded the title “Azamat”.

3. Ozganbaev  Omirzak  Ozganbaiuly was  the head of the regional department of education in  18.09.1990 – 08.04.1994, in 08.04.1994 – 17.04.1995 he was a deputy of the high council of the Republic of Kazakhstan , from September 1990 to  April 1994 he was elected a deputy of the XIII Supreme council then to the Senate  of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From April 1995 to December 1995 he served as head of the Mangistau regional educational  administration. In the years when he headed the department of education  the guards of the Mangistau school  participated in international competitions  in physics, chemistry and mathematics  in European and Russian  competitions  and they won.

4. Togzhanov  Orynbasar  Abdiuly  worked  as  the head of department in 1994-1996.

5. Ikhsanov Baktygali  Ryskaliuly was born  in Guryev  in 1940. In 1962 he graduated from Guryev State Institute. Since then  he has been working in education system. Baktygali  Ryskaliuly began his  career  with a simple teacher, then became deputy director of the school, the school director, inspector of the district education department , the head, served as  the head of the education department  of Mangistau  region.

Under his guidance  and direct supervision in the region were created not standard  types of school. School gymnasium № 4,gymnasium № 13, a school “Daryn”, an economic lyceum and the first gymnasium in the village of Beineu.  

Baktygali  Ryskaliuly was  elected as  deputy for  the I and II invitations of the regional  maslikhat.  This indicate that he has an excellent  reputation among the population. Baktygali Ryskaliuly  is a statesman and public figure, under his leadership was created  a museum dedicated to the life and  work of the honorary citizen of Aktau  N. A. Marabaev. Baktygali Ryskaliuly was awarded by the order of  Honor for  “Excellence in Education of the Republic  of Kazakhstan  ”  and  “10 years of independence ”  he is also a member of party “Nur  Otan”

6. Sagymbaeva Zhaniash  Nauryzbaikizi  worked  as the head  of Department in 10.03.1999-02.02.2006.

Sagymbaeva Zhaniash Nauryzbaikizi  was  born in Republic of Turkmenistan in 11.05.1964. In 1987 she graduated from the Almaty Institute of foreign languages  by specialty  of English and French. She worked in  Mangistau regional department of education from 1999 to 2006.

7. Kasymbekov Ermek  Kasymbekuly  worked as the head of department  in 06.02.2006-06.10.2007 and in 03.12.2010 – 12.07.2011.

He worked as the head of Frunze regional and Almaty city party committee in Almaty, as the head of the ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan,as the head of  Almaty and western departments of education, as the head the  office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan,as the head of the Kazakhstan – Russia University.

All the conscious life he shined in the field of education and made a great contribution to the development and prosperity of the country’s education system. As a result of his effective performance of the duties of an executive position, creative initiative and innovation the regional education sector has achieved positive changes.

In the Mangistau region opened  a regional Kazakh – Turkish lyceum for gifted children, the regional  additional educational center  “Daryn”, regional Center for Education of Information Technology Education, 6 general  secondary schools, 2 cabinets of psycho – pedagogical correction.

In the years of his management his idea about conducts the republican subject Olympiad  in Mangistau region was supported and was held a subject Olympiad of pupils. In order  to provide teachers with methodological information was launched the newspaper “Teacher of the Mangistau region”. As well as the opening of a regional teacher’s home has a strong influence on the effective organization  of professional development  of teachers of the regional institute.

8. Zhumashev Kanybek Bekbolatuly served as head of department in 08.10.2007 – 22.04.2010.

Zhumashev Kanybek Bekbolatuly was born on October 10, in 1970 in the village of Zhetibai in  Mangistau region. In 1992 he graduated from Al Farabi Kazakh State National  University with a degree in Chemistry.

Zhumashev Kanybek Bekbolatuly began his career in the production of “Karazhanbas  thermal oil”. In 1993 he worked as a teacher of chemistry in a professional  school  and in 1996 he worked as a teacher of chemistry at school № 1  in Aktau. From 1967 to 2000 he worked as a leading specialist of the regional department of education.

Since 2000 he was appointed director of a boarding school for gifted children. From 2004 to 2005 he worked as a head of the education department of the Mangistau region, in 2006 he worked as an advisor of regional akim. From 2006 to 2007 he held the post of deputy head of the Education department , since 2007 he managed the regional department of education.

Under the leadership of Kanybek  Bekbolatuly was  developed the program “Teenager - 2006” and it was supported in the regional maslikhat.

In the 2006-2007 academic year were opened the Kazakh – Turkish lyceum, the lyceum school in the village of Shetpe in Mangistau region ,a secondary  school for 960 seats  in 22nd district of Aktau, a secondary school for 320 seats in Beineu village. From 2006-2007 academic year started working two new secondary schools and four preschool institutions. There was organized the center for education and rest near the center of additional education “Daryn”.

Under the leadership of Kanybek Bekbolatuly in Mangistau region worked the educational and methodological center of the informatization  of education.

9. Zhumasheva Dinara Nagimullikyzy served as the head of department in 27.07.2011-2015

Zhumasheva Dinara Nagimullikyzy graduated from the Western Kazakhstan Humanitarian University with a degree in history.(1993-1997)

She worked as a history teacher in secondary school  №27 in Uralsk (1997-1998),as a chief specialist of the department of education in Mangistau region (2002-2006), as the head of the department of education , deputy  head of the department in the Mangistau regional department of languages(2006-2009), as the head of the Department of educational work in the Mangistau regional department of education (2009-2010), as the head of the Aktau city department of education(2010-2011), since July 2011 she works as the head of the education department of Mangistau region.

During her service in the region have started good trends in the education system and significant events were carried out which had a positive impact on the quality education and upbringing of students. In order to improve the quality of education and upbringing the number of general education schools increase to 137.

There was opened a regional training center in 2011 and in the same year the regional boarding school for gifted children in depth study of various subjects moved to a new building for 600 places with the hostel for 200 beds.

On behalf of the president with the program “Balapan” were renewed the systems of preschool education.

Dinara Nagimullikyzy was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Committee on Languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan , gratitude of the Republican additional educational training center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, gratitude from akim of Mangistau region, a medal celebrating the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan , a certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan , a medal celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mangitau oil she  was also  awarded  the order “Honored worker of education  of the Republic of Kazakhstan ”.  

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