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Маңғыстау облысының терроризмге қарсы күрес комиссиясы Антитеррористическая комиссия Мангистауской области


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18 October 2019, Friday

18 January 2019
Regional methodological seminar -workshop "Development of competence centers on the basis of colleges"
11 January 2019
Regional methodological seminar on «Subjects of popularization and dissemination of best pedagogical experience»
26 April 2018
A methodical training seminar was held on the theme: Training and methodology Complex: «Eyes Open for Kazakhstan content of education ».
28 March 2018
"Spiritual Modernization: The Nation's Image - Youth Direction"
23 February 2018
A regional contest was held «Тілші мұғалімдер-2018»
15 February 2018
An excursion was organized in the direction of professional orientation.
1 February 2018
Project "Phytobar"
27 January 2018
The board of directors called «The quality of public services»
17 January 2018
The training course and training was conducted on the theme: «Technology of vocational training in the direction of orientation» among the pupils of grades 8-10 and their parents .
7 January 2018
The closing ceremony of the regional stage of the republican Olympiad on general subjects
27 December 2017
Learning the content of the renewed education and using new methods in chemistry and biology lessons" was held regional seminar of teachers
26 December 2017
Solemn awarding of akim of the region award the best teachers and education organizations
22 December 2017
New Year's party on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Askak Orda - Astana" was held in Aktau
23 November 2017
A regional exhibition competition "Master class"
9 November 2017
Information about the participation of the Mangistau College of Tourism in the IX International Olympiad in Antalya.
9 August 2017
3.0 modernization of Kazakhstan. - share of education" under the theme "Importance of innovative robotics in schools" regional seminar of teachers
26 June 2017
Republic forum of tourist - area study expeditionary group «Kazakhstan is my motherland»
5 June 2017
1 June 2017
The Republican seminar-training “The Features of innovative program in the secondary education system”

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Monitoring and updating the content of education




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